A feature length documentary currently in post production

RADIANT ATMOSPHERES is a behind-the-scenes look at the ragtag artist collective, Radiant Atmospheres. Pulling inspiration from the psychedelic light shows of the 1960s and 70s, Radiant Atmospheres builds large-scale installations using analog lighting effects like liquid light shows, custom written software, hacked antique disco lights, and modern automated luminaires.

Radiant Atmospheres has held onto its “underground” origins by declining profit-motivated concerts and commercial entertainment lighting events. As a result, the collective provides its members a rare chance to realize their artistic visions. This DIY environment, with creative freedom, means many shows are done at a severe financial loss. This also means the members have held day jobs outside of only lighting. Everyone brings a distinct perspective and unusual skills that define their artistic direction. The result is a labor of love. This diversity creates a vibrant and multigenerational community that operates within a culture of its own design.

Artistically, the influx of people and ideas makes Radiant Atmospheres an all-inclusive incubator for talent. Through participation and hands-on learning, members make discoveries that lead to a "full crayon box" of creative and personal evolution. Co-founder Mark Jones says, “…no one can teach how to take random acts of chaos and bring them into order with the outcome being beauty.” Brimming with intelligence, warmth, and sarcasm, RADIANT ATMOSPHERES provides an authentic portrayal of the working creatives whose happiness, passion, and livelihoods are intrinsically tied to the underground rave scene.

*If you would like to contribute to the post production budget, Paypal, alyssalmoran@gmail.com or Venmo, @Alyssa-Moran work best. Thank you!