Radiant Atmospheres, an Oakland, CA based artistic collective, has been doing summer tours with their psychedelic light shows for roughly 20 years.  Providing kinetic spectacles to outdoor dance parties all over Northern California is a labor of love for this ragtag family of brilliant minds and misfit personalities.

Specializing in rare lights, custom built controllers, and sculpturesque rigging, Radiant Atmospheres provides one of a kind experiences.  Grandiose space themed installations such as the “Star Projector”, “Omni Gate”, and “Star Grazer” entrance audiences with their well crafted subtleties, unpredictable flair, and astonishing performances.

This documentary brings the audience into the fold of the little-known and even lesser appreciated culture of artistic event lighting, programming, and stagehandery. The viewer is warmly embraced into the family, presented with their history, and invited to share in their love, work, struggles, and triumphs.